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               on your pregnancy!


Are you excited to meet your new baby & looking forward to

being a mother but feeling apprehensive about the Birth?

Do you want to feel fully prepared, informed, calm, relaxed

& in control of your Birth experience?

Lets get you completely physically, emotionally & practically ready for the Birth of your Baby

Choose from a Group Workshop or a 

Private Course in the comfort of your own home


  • ​8 hrs of Comprehensive Antenatal Education & a Complete 

       Hypnobirthing Course 

  • Full Preparation for all Birth eventualities

  • Sociable & fun Group Workshop or Bespoke Private Sessions

  • One to One Doula Support from Bump to Baby

  • Access to the best Pre, Postnatal & Breastfeeding

       Support Professionals

  • Private Facebook Members Group & ​Monthly Postnatal Meet up 

  • Birth Doula Support Services & Postnatal Classes available

  • Facilitated by Jade Lawrence,


Added Extras you won't get with any other

Antenatal or Hypnobirthing Course​

Come & join us & lets share this amazing journey to parenthood  together!

  • A Complete Antenatal Reference Booklet

  • A Hypnobirthing Information Pack including Course

       Handouts to guide your practice at home.

  • Audio Downloads for Pregnancy, Labour & Birth

  • A set of Birth Affirmation Cards

  • A copy of The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill

  • A discount when booked with my Birth Doula Service

  • Optional Post Birth Support Visit

  • Free Newborn Photoshoot​​

The Hypnobirthing Company supports you to have a positive Birth experience

with informed Antenatal Education a complete Hypnobirthing Course & 

consistent compassionate, support during your pregnancy &

after your baby is born.

I want you to know that I totally get it.

You are about to do one of the most intense things of your entire life, and you're feeling a little anxious, It is completely natural & you are not alone

Facing the unknown can make you feel that what happens in Labour & Birth is completely out of your control. 

Traumatic Birth stories from well meaning family & friends can make it seem that giving Birth to your baby will be a difficult & fearful experience with some complications inevitable.

Your partner may feel they want to be more involved but are unsure of how best to support you or to help you deal with anything unexpected.

You may have unanswered questions, want to explore all your options & need the correct information to make a Birth plan.

Want to know how Birth actually works? Why your Birth environment & your naturally released Pregnancy & Birth hormones take such an important role?

Want to feel, calm & relaxed through every stage of Labour? How & why you have contractions & how to work with your body to reduce fear, tension & pain?

We remember the Birth of our babies all our lives,

let's make your memory of your Birth experience a positive one

The Complete

Birthing Programme

from The Hypnobirthing Company  will have you feeling, calm, relaxed, fully prepared & looking forward to the Birth of your baby.

The programme gives you a thorough understanding of how Labour & Birth really works, helping you to realise you do not have to surrender control by providing you with physical, practical & mindful techniques to manage contractions & every stage of Labour..

The programme includes, full Birth Preparation, for every 

eventuality, information on Birth Physiology & Active Birth with up to date evidence based information on all your birth options, empowering you & your partner to plan for the Birth experience 

you want. 

The one to one private workshop can take place in the comfort of your own home & is tailored to you & your birth preferences. 

The Group Classes are run over weekends & consist of 5 women & their partners and is a great way to get to know other local parents with babies due the same time as yours.

I give you the opportunity to get answers to any Birth questions you may have & provide you with consistent 

support from pregnancy until after your baby is born, giving you & your partner the start to parenthood you deserve.



Hi I'm Jade,
I am the founder of The Hypnobirthing Company, a Hypnobirthing
Practitioner, MaternityNurse, Breastfeeding Counsellor & an NNEB
qualified Nanny. I work as a Birth & Postnatal Doula, both in
London & Cheshire as The Birth Doula London & The Birth Doula Cheshire, covering London Private Maternity Units & Maternity Units in Cheshire & the surrounding areas.
I am married to Marty & a proud mother of 5 children, ages ranging from 30 to 6 years. I was originally an NNEB London Nanny & Breastfeeding Counsellor. Then in the 15 years between my 3rd & 4th child, I trained as a Legal Executive, going on to complete a Law Degree, working as a City of London Lawyer for nearly 10 years.
Continuing to be involved in Breastfeeding Support during these years, gave me a valuable insight into how a negative Birth experience impacts on Breastfeeding success & new mothers overall mental & physical wellbeing. This sparked a passion to provide women with the positive start to motherhood they deserve.
Having used both the Mongon Method & Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing Programmes myself when birthing my own babies, led me to want to empower other women through Hypnobirthing. To Birth their babies without fear, taking control of their experience, resulting in a more comfortable, calm & straightforward Birth.
Incorporating my knowledge from actively supporting women through Labour & Birth on a daily basis as a Doula I created a complete & comprehensive Birthing programme.   
Offering straightforward guidance on all the options & issues that matter most to us as mothers.

Programme Content

Birth Physiology

How Birth Works​

Preparation for Birth

Stages of Labour

The Role of Hormones

The Importance of the Birth Environment

Pain Mangement Options & Comfort Measures

Positions for Labour & Birth

Guidance on Interventions

Medical Issues

Your Birth Preference Plan


& Complete

Hypnobirthing Course

What is Hypnosis

Emotional Stages

of Labour

The Fight or Flight Response

&The Relaxation Response

Birth Video

3 Hypnosis


The Subconscious 

& how it works

Labour Physiology -

The What, Why & How

of Contractions

Affirmations &

Reframing Fears

Breathing Together &

Massage Techniques

Handout for Partners

What to do, When to do it

& How to do it


The Programme

Also Includes :

  • A Complete Antenatal Reference Booklet

  • A Hypnobirthing Information Pack including

       Course Handouts to guide your practice at home

  • Audio downloads for Pregnancy, Labour & Birth

  • A set of Birth Affirmation Cards

  • A copy of The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill

  • A Discount when booked with my Birth Doula Package

  • Automatic Membership to the Hypnobirthing Company's  Facebook Community & Monthly Meet up Group

  • An optional Post Birth Support Visit

       providing a 'Debrief 'of your Birth experience,

       Feeding & Newborn Care support & information if      

       required & the opportunity for me to admire your      

       beautiful baby.

  • A Free Newborn Photoshoot with

       Cass Davies Photography


About the Programme


What makes the 

Hypnobirthing Company's 

Programme different from

other Hypnobirthing Courses?

  • Founded by Jade Lawrence a Qualified Hypnobirthing Practitioner trained by a Qualified Hypnotherapist who not only has 13 years experience as a qualified Hypnobirthing Teacher but is also an experienced  Doula &  Antenatal Teacher. I am also a Doula UK Birth Postnatal Doula actively supporting women & their partners through Pregnancy, Birth & the Postnatal Period. 

  • The programme is based on my insights and experience of supporting birthing women & teaching Antenatal Education & 

       Hypnobirthing methods as part of my daily work as a Doula, unlike

       traditional antenatal courses whose facilitators almost never do so.


  • And of course Hypnobirthing my own 5 babies has not only given   me an in-depth knowledge & understanding of how to use             

       Hypnobirthing to its full effect & why Hypnobirthing works but the          Antenatal Education I give you is what I feel every expectant 

       mother needs to know. I am passionate about sharing the secrets of        Birth so other mothers can approach birth feeling fully informed,              relaxed & looking forward to a positive birth experience however              they birth their babies.

  • Not all Hypnobirthing Courses are equal in Quality, Information, Education & effectiveness. Some 'Hypnobirthing' courses are run by instructors who have bought a franchise or a brand. They are informed on how to deliver a set format in a class setting, seldom 

       without any actual Hypnobirthing Practitioner training.

       Some popular Brands are supported by Midwife Organisations                however for many women the ethos, attitudes & principles of the            brand  is just simply outdated in its theory & approach. Over                      complicating Breathing & relaxation techniques which can be                  difficult to emulate in actual Labour.

​​Hypnotherapists who offer Hypnobirthing sessions are well                   versed in the positive effects of Hypnosis techniques but are               usually general practitioners in their field helping individuals with         everything from giving up smoking to phobias. Rarely are they involved in Antenatal Education or specialists in supporting women in active Labour & almost never do any of these course facilitators whether a franchise, a facilitator of a brand or a Hypnotherapist have any real life experience of actual Birth support, birth physiology or know how to support the emotional needs of an expectant or Labouring woman.

Online Courses, Books & CD's have the advantage of being cheap &   easily accessible but will hardly ever be as effective as a face to face course. You miss out not only on the opportunity to & ask questions with a trained professional who can explain and help you understand what you are experiencing during a hypnosis session, adjusting 

aspects to suit you personally but you also miss out on sharing the experience & making friends with other local expectant parents. 

Are face to face courses more expensive?     

Probably. Is it worth it? DEFINITELY! 

  • I am an Independent Practitioner which means I am not affiliated to any brand or franchise, my specialism is in Birthing women & I teach in a way that suits my individual clients. I can adapt my programme to their needs. I don’t have to stick to a script that I cant deviate from or regurgitate someone else's words. I provide audios with my voice not of someone you have never met. 

  • My programme is relatable & realistic, I don’t dress up pain as anything else but what it is. I use the most effective & simple techniques which are easy to follow.

  • My  programme prepares you for however your baby is born & gives your partner a pivotal role, they will know what to do, recognise when to do it & how to carry it out. 

  • I practise what I preach. I have used Hypnobirthing when birthing my own 5 babies, I know it works. I also use deep relaxation methods in meditation on a daily basis.



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